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Aurora A Little Dose Of Happy - 11" Happy Horse

Aurora World, Inc.


Let someone know you appreciate them with this adorable cuddly horse! This Happy Horse holds a shiny plush star "balloon" that has “You’re Special” embroidered in silver. An adorable and huggable reminder to let someone know they bring a unique and special warmth to your life!

A Little Dose of Happy is cute characters with the personality to cheer up any occasion, each with their own glitter plush "balloon" with a special embroidered sentiment.

  • 11 inches in size
  • High quality materials make for a soft touch
  • Warm tan fur with white face markings and a big round white nose
  • Soft brown hair and mane
  • Bright silver glitter plush star "balloon" embroidered with "You're Special" in darker silver

  • $$ 15.15

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