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Aurora Big Paw - 9
Aurora Big Paw - 9
Aurora Big Paw - 9
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Aurora Big Paw - 9" Boston Terrier

$ 13.99

Boston Terriers just got even cuter with the Big Paw Boston Terrier! This version of the popular Boston Terrier is even more cute with its large head and paws. With an adorable face, a big black nose, and round eyes, this terrier is a perfect choice for any dog fan!

Aurora's Big Paw series has adorably oversized paws with soft pads giving them a unique and stand-out look!

  • 9 inches in size
  • Made from high quality materials for a super soft touch
  • Furry black coat with a white accented face, light pink inner ears, and an adorable big black nose
  • Large cream paws with dark brown soft pads give this pup a unique and super-cute look!
  • Sitting pose is ideal for photoshoots, display shelves, or sitting by your side ready for hugs!
  • Suitable for all ages and personalities