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Aurora Body Puppet - 12" Bandit

Aurora Body Puppet - 12" Bandit

Aurora World, Inc.


Bandit the Raccoon Puppet is made of fine plush fabric that is soft and cuddly. A body puppet, this little raccoon's signature striped tail hangs down while you control their front paws. This adorable Bandit is a must have gift item for your little ones to entertain them all day long.

  • 12 inches in size
  • Fine plush fabric for soft puppet feel
  • Realistic styling and design
  • Soft gray fur with signature black "mask" and black ringed tail, and white inner ears, bushy eyebrows, and muzzle
  • A sneaky little Bandit, you control this raccoon puppet's front paws
  • Suitable for all ages and personalities

  • $$ 15.02

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