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Aurora Checkers - 11" The Alpaca Blue

Aurora World, Inc.

Description Checkers the Alpaca is hitting the road! With a blue and black checkered cloth draped over its back and large royal blue pom poms hanging from its muzzle, this fuzzy alpaca is a friend you can take anywhere!
  • 11 inches in size
  • High quality materials make for a soft and fluffy touch
  • Fluffy white fur with smoother textured ears, muzzle, and feet for that fluffy alpaca look
  • Blue and black checkered blanket folded across their back, and fuzzy blue pom poms hanging from a string so Checker's can carry them wherever they go!
  • Non-removable accessories that won't get lost!
  • Stands on all fours, ready for adventures!

  • $$ 15.73

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